Best Evernote Alternatives Of 2017

In this modern world everyone is busy with their day to day work so sometimes it really gets hard to remember different things. So to make our work simple and keep all notes in a proper way there is a tool known as Evernote. This tool will help you to note down all your important works in a proper and secure ways. There are many people across the globe who are using this system in an extensive rate and have always given good reviews. There are many alternatives of Evernote which offer some of the best features.

Some of them have the best user interfaces whereas some are best in case of performance. Showing the Evernote alternatives does not mean that we are ignoring Evernote. Evernote too comes loaded with different types of features but seeing a high demand we have mentioned some other alternatives. There are many people who are using some of the note tools which are mentioned in the list provided below. So today we will be discussing some of the best alternatives of Evernote.

Best Alternatives of Evernote:

Listed below are some of the best alternatives of Evernote which are too important and taking the market as Evernote. So without doing any further delay let’s start the discussion.

Simple Note:

If we compare this system with Evernote then the simple note will take all the charm. It is a great alternative of Evernote and the system’s user interface is much more developed and easy to understand as compared to that of Evernote. The user gets used to it within a moment. The Simple note system supports all kinds of platforms but unfortunately, the system only deals with notes. You can easily share your note with this system. There are many people who prefer using this system rather than Evernote. Here in this system you can easily backup your files and data’s. The system is free to use and can be easily available on platforms like Android, IOS, and Kindle.

Download for Android

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Google Keep:

This is another best alternative Evernote tool for keeping your note safe. This tool is very simple and comes with just minute touches. The tool is not available on the different platform you can use it only in Android and with Chrome platform. The most interesting thing about this platform is that beside notes you can even save photos too which takes few seconds to get uploaded as the server is very fast. Things like color coding and sharing can be done easily on this platform. With such a huge features this tool stands on our list at second. Google keep is free to use and comes with lots of other features too.

Download for Android

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Devon Think:

This tool is mainly for the Apple users but the tool has many important features too. Firstly the user interface of this system is very fast and easy to understand. It is designed in such a way that the user gets instantly into the system very easily. Sharing is very easy with this system. Many people find this tool very easy for the sharing purpose with just a few clicks you are ready to share your file or notes to different peoples. The system can support photo uploads too which makes it very convenient for the users. The system is much secure as compared to that of other tools. The only drawback is not available for free and does not come in the different platform. The Premium version of Devon think will cost you around $49.95 and the Pro version will cost you around $79.95. There are many people across the globe who are using this platform and the number is increasing day by day.

Download for ios

Microsoft Onenote:

This tool is also known as Microsoft office one note and it is regarded as one of the best Evernote alternatives. There are many people across who are or have been using this tool. The user interface of this system is very easy and smooth and comes loaded with all kinds of features. In this tool, you can easily put photos and other important files. The most attractive thing about this system is that it is free to use and can be operated from different platforms like I phone, I pad, Android devices, Windows devices etc. You can even get it on Amazon devices too. The popularity of this tool is very high which makes it place on our list.

Download for Android

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SOHO Notes:

Among all the other tools mentioned above SOHO tool has the highest amount of features loaded into it. Here in this system, you can get different features like you can upload photos, videos, PDF, different types of files and other things too. The capability of this system is very smooth and easy. But unfortunately, this tool is supported only on Apple devices. With the help of this device, you can easily share your file with just a few clicks. The user capability of this app gets a trigger with its user interface. The interface of this system is very advanced and smooth and does not come with any flashy theme. The note place comes with a calendar system which makes your work more easy and smooth. Even the organization system of this file is easy. The system is not free to use and comes with two price point the single pack will cost you around $39.99 and the family pack will come with a price point of around $69.99. This is also said to be one of the best alternatives of Evernote.

Final Words:

So these were some of the alternatives of Evernote. The alternative tools which we have discussed provide with some more extra feature as compared to that of Evernote. But there are some of the tools in the alternative list which are not as effective as Evernote. Some of them are bad in performance whereas some of them are not supported on multiple platforms. In short, we can say that the tools which we have mentioned in this article are best in their class and now it is up to you which one you choose to depend upon your requirement.

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