Best Skype Alternative Of 2017 For Voice And Video Calling

Skype has been dominating the world of multimedia messaging app in the world for many years. It allows you to stay in touch with your friends for all the time. But at many times Skype users got fed up of using the app, due to its low-quality calls and lots more things about it. Not only that there is important news on Skype that the services of the messaging app, which will be shut down very soon by Microsoft. There are many apps that are the best replacement of Skype in your Smartphone but are you aware of the names? Here we will be discussing with you the best Skype alternative of 2017 for voice and video calling.

In this digital generation, you don’t have the need to recharge your phone any longer. With the introduction of the video and voice calling app, one can start performing that anytime using their Smartphone. Here we have come up with the perfect list of voice and video calling app. All of these apps are packed with lots of exciting features and fulfills all your needs. Stay connected with your closed ones like friends and family, deal with office work and attend meetings using these alternatives apps of Skype. Check out the list of alternative apps of Skype listed below in details.

Best Skype alternatives of 2017 for voice and video calling:

1: Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is one of the finest alternative apps of Skype that one must have. Stay in touch with your friends by sending them text messages or by making voice calls. Create unlimited group chats with more than 150 people along with emoticon and stickers. Set status messages and send pictures or text messages with voice mail integration. Google Hangouts app is available for cross-platform devices like Android and iOS device. Send the text message to your contact even they are in offline mode. Group video calling allows you add at least member of 30 in Google Hangouts App.

2: ooVoo

ooVoo is a free messaging app that offers to you high-quality video picture call. The voice call is very clean allowing you to connect with the people you love most and close ones. Capture photos of your most beautiful moments and share them with friends on ooVoo. At once the user can connect group video calls with at least 12 people once at a time. Choose your favorite avatar or simply wear the available masks while making video calls to your friends. Featuring One-Touch calling mode that let you move from messaging to video chat mode.

3: Uber Conference

As a matter of fact, people from the world find it little embarrassing of looking for the contact number and performing calls. To make the system easier and fast UberConference App bring everything that you need. Start to make instant Calls by choosing any contacts from the list, putting on the Schedule Conferences by sending the invitation for later purposes. When you make calls using uber-conference you can learn also learn who else is there on the calls and who else is talking. There is no need of providing PINs for the organizer and make free conference call recordings.

4: VSee

VSee gives you an access to make 4 ways of performing video calls to your contact list. Not only that, you can also enjoy the most interesting features like screen sharing and then instant text messaging. It is designed with a simple user interface and very easy to handle, works smoothly on both 3G and both 4G network connectivity. It introduces API for integrating with Telehealth and totally free from any kind of Ads.

5: Viber

Viber is one of the best alternative messenger apps for making voice calls and video calls. Choose any contacts from your phone be it your family or friends or co-workers, start making the voice call and video call at any time and any moment you want. Start using more than 1000s of stickers in text messages with several mood or expressions. Viber messenger app also provides you an access to follow Public Chats. All the conversation made in the voice and video calling app is encrypted and deletes the text or files any moment.

6: IMO

IMO is the one of the best replacement of Skype App in your Android device. The app offers you high-quality video and voice calling services too. Start making conversation by expressing your views with free stickers and emojis. It is a free messaging app that lets you send the unlimited number of text messages in 3G or 4G internet connections. Share photos and videos in the group chat or private and then express your views with more than hundreds of stickers. All the text messages that you had in chat conversation and the voice calls are encrypted one.

7:  Ciso Web EX Mettings

Want to make a quick video calling meetings anywhere at any time you wish to? Ciso WebEXMettings is the best choice for your Android device to join any of your important conference meetings. All the video calls perform in this application is of high picture quality and brilliant sound quality. Join the meetings, chat with them and go for the voice-activated video switching. You can also view the shared content with annotations, pinch on the screen of the video to zoom and scan.

Final Words:

Since we have come to the end of the article, you must have learned which video and voice calling app to pick for replacing Skype. Choose any one of the above mentioned best Skype alternative of 2017 for voice and video calling App on your Phone. Now you can enjoy high video or voice call by using these impressive apps on your Android device. Never miss any of the important calls or urgent meetings that you have to attend, the alternatives app for Skype acts as a perfect replacement for all of that. There is no need to go for any further investigation to find out the alternative apps for Skype.

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