How to bypass Any Surveys To Download Files (100% Working)

Everyone does download many files nowadays on their PC/laptop, on the internet you can get each and everything as per your needs. You can download almost everything from the internet, but most of the time you will end up in such websites where you need to answer some questions before downloading the files. It is very irritating as you need to answer some typical question just to download which you need. So, this is the time when you need to bypass the irritating surveys from the website to download anything. There are many types of surveys you will come through in different websites, some can be bypassed by using some tricks but some are so stubborn that anyhow you will need to fill up the survey. So, here you are going to know about some of the best tricks with the help of which you can bypass any surveys to download files easily.

Filling up some private question is really awkward, and you will surely not want it to share online in any survey. So, in that case, you can easily use these amazing tricks to block or bypass surveys that have blocked the download link. This given step is very easy and you can easily use it on your default browser of your PC. Here below are some of the best techniques to bypass online surveys from websites on the go.

How to bypass surveys to download files (100% working)

Users can use browser extensions app, websites and many other techniques to bypass surveys to download files. So have a look at those bypass surveys methods.

1. Use “Inspect Element” Option

You can use the “Inspect Element” option to disable or skip the surveys from the websites. You have to first open any website which contains survey, then simply right click on the screen and find the option “Inspect Element”. This function helps the user to disable the various potential elements or contents from the websites especially the online surveys. When the surveys pop up will open you have to right click on it. Choose the “Inspect Element” function from the menu and it will open the developer mode tab on the half side of the screen. Now on the developer mode, you can find some words like “overlay” and “survey” which basically blocks those downloading links from the content of web page. Now select those “overlay” and “survey” element from the coding and right click on the selected part.You will find one option menu where you need to select “Delete element”. In this way repeat the steps for all the surveys and also delete all the overlays which will help you to make the website free from surveys.

2. Links extracting from the websites

You can also get rid of online surveys and overlay by extracting the link from any website. But one thing you need to keep in mind is that extracting links process is only available when the file downloading link and the survey is displaying on the same web page. Now right click on the website and select the option “Inspect Element”. This will open the developer tools mode on the half side of the web screen. Click on the Console button present on the top extreme right of the developer screen. Now copy the URL code from the content and paste it into the console box and then press “Enter”. After that, some of the website links will be displayed on the console screen. So select your desirable link if it is present and match to download the file which you really want. Click on that correct website link to get your file. Note that links ending with .js and .css are not allowed to download anything.

3. Install NoScript on your browser

Installing the “NoScript” is also one of the best ways to bypass surveys to download files. So first you need to search the add-on named NoScript Security Suite and then install the add-on on your browser. Once the add-on has been integrated into your browser you may start to work with this add-on easily. Keep in mind that this add-on is only available for Firebox Browser. The NoScript is basically used to block the scripts and that will able to bypass the surveys. NoScript function is not available for all the surveys but depending on the programmed surveys you may use the NoScript add-on to bypass the surveys. When a web page is opened you can see a bar on the bottom of the screen where you need to right click on your mouse and a menu will appear. Click on the options button to tweak that what is skipped and blocked content available.But in many surveys you cannot work with any of this plugins or techniques, so anyhow you will need to complete the survey.

4. Use website like – Fake Name Generator

You can also use some of the fake information generator sites to fill up the surveys successfully and bypass the annoying surveys. Use the most well-known site like Fake Name which helps you to generate a complete identity of yourself like name, address, contact no, occupation etc. on the go. Open the Fake name and gather all the information you need to fill up the survey. Use all your fake information on fill out the survey. Sometimes you may need to have a valid email id, if you have any id then use it or can create a free id on your choice and use that on the survey. After survey completed you may get your link to download the file.


These are all the techniques you may find it easy to bypass surveys to download files easily. You can even try any other techniques also if you feel free to use that for your comfortability. But we will strongly recommend you all to use these best techniques which will definitely help you to skip/bypass surveys to download the files that you want. But before using these techniques you must read the content very clearly so that you can tackle any interruption during the time of bypassing the surveys.

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