How To Install Minecraft PE Mods on Any Android

Minecraft is one of the popular and fun games that almost everyone loves to play. This game is completely different and to make it much better experience in the Minecraft game mods have been launched. If you are still not aware of these new addons called Mods and have no idea about the installation process, […]

How To Set CPU Priority To Prefer Foreground Apps On Windows 10/8.1 And 8

Most of the windows PC, tend to become slow or laggy when the background apps are running without even you have noticed them. And the Foreground apps when you are currently using or running on your PC r. Well, you cannot prevent this Background and Foreground apps as they are set by default to run […]

How to Sort Gmail By Sender Labels Subject And Size

Every one of us is having a Gmail Account right? In reality, Gmail is a free Email service which has been developed by Google itself. All around the world, millions and millions of people are using Gmail service to send emails and attachments. Gmail has so many features which make it world’s most used Email […]

How To Turn Off Cortana On Windows 10

In recent years Microsoft has come up with an impressive discovery of technology. It has introduced a digital talking personal assistance named as “Cortana” on windows 10. One can smartly make the search of files with voice recognition on the computer for displaying the notifications or send emails and lots more. Even after getting the […]

How To Turn Off Two-Factor Authentication For Apple ID

Your Apple book contains two-factor authentication which keeps your device safe and secure from any kind of risks. This authentication is a complete security of the Apple ID you have that helps in keeping your Apple book safe even if anyone is aware of your Apple ID password. This means that only you are the […]